See you next year in Czech Republic!

Closing Ceremony


Closing Ceremony

Sat, July 15th
 – Doors open 18:00 | Start 19:00 Catering | End 24:00

Steinbergstadion, Rosental 86, 5771 Leogang


Ticket Sale ended on June 17th 2017.
There are no more tickets purchasable.


All guests of the closing ceremony – players and supporters (family members, friends, children) – need a ticket.

Every team captain will receive a list of all purchased tickets and the equal amount of wristbands at arrival.

Every team captain is responsible for the allocation of the wristbands.

Access is restricted to guests with a valid wristband.

Venues & Transport


You can locate all venues – incl. pitches, congress, etc. – on our digital WMFC map. We will solely play on natural grass.


We will run a free shuttle service connecting all WMFC locations. You can locate all shuttle stops and departure times on our map. Attention: Start/End-Times refer to Stop 1 (“Asitz Bergbahnen”) & Stop 10 (“Saalfelden/Alm 34”). There are always two shuttles simultaneously on duty – one starts/ends at Stop 1, the other one starts/ends at Stop 10.


Shuttle Service – Operating hours
Sat, 15th: Start 7.00 | End 16th 1:00 (Match Day 6 & Closing Ceremony)

WMFC locations & shuttle stops

Captains’ Meeting


Time: Fri, July 14th
 – Start 9:00 | End 12:00

Location: Hotel Leonhard (Shuttle Stop 2)
Sonnberg 140, 5771 Leogang,

WMFC Merchandise

Merchandise is already available in our brand-new official WMFC 2017 Web Shop. Buy your goodies online in advance and with no rush!



Order right now and choose as delivery method/shipment “Free Pickup in Leogang”. A merchandise booth will be on-site during the Opening Ceremony (July 8th) and the 1st Match Day (July 9th). Pick up your online order right there!


Of course it is also possible to shop your merchandise during the WMFC. You can place your order on-site on July 8th & 9th and we get your stuff ready for pickup on July 15th – during the WMFC closing ceremony.

WMFC Competition Rules

Have a look on the official WMFC competition rules for Morell and Vogel Cup. Special attention Vogel Cup players:
There will be a new “blue card rule” executed for the first time.

WMFC 2017 rule book

Reflection on Players Safety

Football is a sport where physical contact plays a key role and some degree of injury risk must be accepted. However, the intensity of tackling is obviously directly related to the likelihood and severity of potential damage to colleague players. And let us remind that we are not professional players. We would like all captains share a constructive reflection within their teams, in order to avoid excessive force and minimize consequent lessons.

In any case, we have instructed referees on the amateur spirit of the championships and to be very strict at penalizing tackles with excessive force or risk of injury.


Football is or should be a game of gentlemen. A championship of Medical Doctors can only be an example of education and respect towards colleague players and referees. Misconduct of any kind is not accepted and will be strictly punished by referees.


First of all: If you would like to get more information regarding the tourist offer in the region Saalfelden/Leogang please contact the tourist office:

Leisure Program

Mon, 10th: Summer “Hoagascht”

Location: City Center Leogang (Shuttle Stop 6)
Time: Start 19.30 | End 22.00
Program: A little market with local products, competition with great prizes, drinks and little food, children’s program;
For all players & families – only if the weather is good!
More information: Website–Tourist office Leogang

Tue, 11th: “World Championship Party”

Location: Ceremonies Tent – “Steinbergstadion” (Shuttle Stop 6)
Time: Start 19.00
Program: Food, Drinks, Music!

Wed, 12th: Official WMFC Leisure DAY

Location: “Asitz” Mountain
Time: from 10.00 on, Ascent with cable car (Shuttle Stop 1) | Lunch 14.00 “Alte Schmiede” | Ascent 16.00
Attention: Please take your Tourist Guest Card – “Löwen Alpin Card” – with you. The “Löwen Alpin Card” is your entry ticket for the cable car. You get the “Löwen Alpin Card” at the check-in. If your hotel will not provide you with the “Löwen Alpin Card”, we will take care of you at the cable car station. Don’t worry!
Program: Local music group, nice views, children’s program, drinks and food, trekking tours & much more;
For all players & families – See the “Leisure Program Overview” for more Details!


An OC information desk will be operational during matches at every pitch for any assistance to teams.


Standing for national anthems: only Morell Cup on match day 1 and final day.


Please travel to pitches well ahead of time (recommended arrival 1.5h before scheduled time of match).


Dressing rooms must be shared by more than one team. Please take all your belongings with you during matches.


All Morell Cup matches will be recorded and streamed the next day via our WMFC Youtube channel.


Players at Morell Cup must be adequately identified by wristbands – yellow for 35+ and red for 40+. A sufficient amount of wristbands will be handed over by the OC to all team captains at arrival.


Snacks and drinks are available at each pitch.


Austria offers high quality drinking water right from the tab. Therefor drinking water will not be provided by the OC.


Please note that any further medical care, like hospital admission or emergency area assistance is not covered by the OC. All players are taking part in the games at their own risk. We strongly recommend all players to be in possession of a valid medical insurance and check that it adequately covers amateur sport – related injuries. Medical costs can be expensive if not insured.